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The Alpha Story

Over 40 Million Served
Alpha's history as a manufacturer for the U.S. Military is a long and successful one. For over 40 years, the United States
Department of Defense has relied on Alpha Industries for outerwear to protect Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps
personnel. Since first opening our factory in 1959, Alpha has continuously manufactured the M-65 Field Coat, fabricating
more of these coats than any other company. And, since the mid-1960's, we've manufactured virtually every MA-1 Flight
Jacket used by U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy pilots. All told, Alpha Industries has produced over 40 million pieces of
military outerwear to perform under the most severe conditions imaginable.

3-Bars Make The Difference
Long before anyone even knew the name Alpha, our three bars had earned quite a reputation among purchasers of
surplus military apparel. In surplus stores throughout the country, customers sought out the jackets with the three bars on
the military specifications tag.

There's an interesting story behind this; when Alpha Industries received a military contract and that contract was fulfilled,
"surplus" materials were always left over. In order to use these materials and keep our factories operating, we continued
to make jackets following the strict military specifications. These jackets would be sold to surplus stores. But, for internal
purposes, we needed to develop a way to separate these jackets from the ones that were actually going to be shipped to
the military.

On jackets going to the military the label contained a single black bar separating the identification of the type of jacket and
its specifications. We developed a replacement label to be used for surplus jackets. The only difference between this and
the actual military label was that we put three black bars between these two pieces of information. And this label was the
only difference between these surplus jackets and those that were actually to be worn by the military. Other contractors
also manufactured surplus coats, but they changed to lower grade materials using lighter fabric, thinner insulation, less
durable zippers and fasteners. And they didn't change the internal labels; their garments still had the single black bar. Over
time, customers at surplus stores began to notice that the jackets with the three bars were the best. And no wonder;
because, after all, these were the exact same jackets that American pilots and ground crews were wearing at bases around
the world. In fact, if you look closely at the Alpha logo, you'll see that we integrated these three bars into the mark that has
come to symbolize our company and its products.

Known Around The World
From the streets of virtually every city in the U.S., to the streets of Europe and Japan, the Alpha name is known. In fact, at
one time a single store in Japan had a waiting list of over 900 people hoping to get an Alpha jacket. Alpha continues to
produce the same quality garments be began making back in 1959, only now, we adjust and modify our products to meet
your demands. Alpha continues to be the most sought after Authentic military brand in Europe and abroad.

Don't Settle For Less Than An Original
If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Alpha jackets get high praise--we've consistently find poor quality copies around
the world. So, you need to know how to recognize the original, Authentic Alpha.

Here are the telltale signs to look for:

The first, and easiest to find, is the authentic Alpha three-bar logo.

There is a tab version of our logo on the sleeve of every flight jackets.

Look in the pocket, there is a larger logo patch in there as well.

Look at the black-and-white military specification tag. In between the identification of the type of jacket it is and the actual
specifications, there will be three solid black bars.

Check the feel of the fabric. Alpha jackets have a heavier, better-quality fabric than most others.

Finally, check the brass zipper, it will have the word ALPHA and our logo on it.
Remember, there is only one Authentic Alpha.
Recognize the Original

Don't Settle For Less Than An Original
If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Alpha jackets get high
praise--we've found knock-offs around the world. So, you need to
know how to recognize an original. There are telltale signs to
look for.

The first, and easiest to find, is the authentic Alpha three-bar
logo. There is a tab version of this logo on the sleeve of our
flight jackets. Also, look in the pocket of our reversible models
and you should find a larger logo patch in there as well. Finally,
look at the black-and-white military specification tag. In between
the identification of the type of jacket it is and the actual
specifications, there will be three solid black bars.

Other signs include the feel of the fabric. Fabric for Alpha jackets
has a heavy, high-quality feel. Look closely at the seams and
you'll notice authentic Alpha jackets have a distinctive pucker,
created by following the strict military standards for tear strength
at the seam. And our brass zippers will have the word ALPHA
and/or our logo on it.

Alpha Industries. The world's leading brand of authentic flight
About Alpha

Travel back to 1959. Knoxville, Tennessee. The United States Department of Defense recruits Alpha to revamp its military
jacket. Why? Because as the jet age takes flight to greater heights and ground troops encounter trickier terrain, the
technological needs and real-life demands of our soldiers change. Simply put, but not simply achieved, Alpha re-engineers
outdated designs. As better fabrics are developed and tested, Alpha makes better jackets for our soldiers-better designed,
better produced, and more reliable. Alpha garments are ranked as warmer, more comfortable, and designed to meet any
climatic challenge or test of time.

Today, Alpha Industries is not only a global enterprise, manufacturing and selling its products throughout the world, but
also the premier supplier of jackets for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps. Alpha sets the standard as a
leader in cutting-edge outerwear design. From flight decks to civilian sidewalks, Alpha stands on the frontlines of quality
and fashion, as a testament to innovation, creativity and manufacturing know-how. The honest truth is that Alpha is tried,
and tested, and proven. And that's where you come in. Now it's your turn to try it out.

Alpha. Tried. Tested. Proven

Why is the MA-1 orange on the inside?
In 1960, the MA-1 was changed to a reversible jacket with an orange lining instead of green. By reversing their MA-1 jacket
to the orange side, downed pilots could easily be located by search and rescue teams.

What is the sleeve pocket on the MA-1 for?
This pocket was originally created to hold a pack of cigarettes.

Why is there a tab on the front of the vintage MA-1?
True to the original military spec, this tab was placed on the front of the jacket so that the pilot could clip his oxygen mask
to it.

What is the M-65 made of?
The fabric for the M-65 outershell is a wind-resistant 50% Cotton/50% Nylon Sateen with a 225 lb. Breaking strength.

Has Alpha ever made a floating jacket?
Yes. It was called the Impermeable Extreme Cold Weather Waterproof Clothing Ensemble. This was originally designed for
U.S. Navy shipboard use during extreme cold, wet weather.

Why are the "pen bullets" sewn into the MA-1?
These bullets are sewn into the MA-1 to cover the tip of the pen when it is placed in the pen pocket, assuring that the ink
does not leak on to the sleeve of the jacket.

Why are the pockets angled on the CWU 45/P?
When the jacket was designed officers realized the need for pockets from a functional standpoint, but did not want their
pilots walking around with their hands in their pockets. Consequently, they asked that the pockets be angled and placed
high on the front of the jacket.
Alpha Industries B-7 Vintage Sheepskin Parka
The B-7 is perhaps the most unique and unusual design among the series of sheepskin flight jackets created by the United States Army Air Corps for use by air crews in World War II.

Unlike all other sheepskin Air Corps jackets, the B-7 was a parka style, mid thigh length with an attached hood. The B-7 was designed for use by ground crew personnel assigned to Northern European bases and by the bomber crews that had to endure exceeding cold temperatures experienced in aircraft flying at altitudes above 20,000 feet in the wintertime.

The B-7 was authorized for official use on July 12, 1941 and assigned U.S. Army Air Force Specification number 3120. Actual production of the B-7 was limited to a few contracts and in 1942, approximately one year after its authorization, the Army Air Force decided to discontinue the B-7. The primary reason for the B-7’s demise was its high cost. The large number of skins required to manufacture the parka and the elegant fur trim on the hood made the B-7 significantly more expensive than shorter jackets. Faced with a need to conserve every resource (including sheepskins) and the financial demands of many other wartime essentials, the Army Air Force decided the B-7 was a luxury it could ill afford.

But the beauty and utility of the B-7 lived on. Its design is both striking and practical. Its long length keeps the entire body warm. And the luxury of sheepskin provides a soft layer that encloses the wearer in a cocoon of comfort.

Two deep cow leather pockets (designed for bomber crew maps, papers and small tools) are located on the front and are both strong and easily accessible. Two additional zippered pockets are designed as a secure place for essentials. Leather reinforcing strips are used to secure the seams and zippers and cords and trims are of the highest quality. Unlike other shearling designs, the B-7’s attached hood provides instant protection against inclement weather.

Alpha Industries has updated the classic B-7 to make it suitable for today’s climate and consumer. The thick sheepskin has been shaved to make it significantly lighter and more comfortable for today’s milder winters. Unlike the original AAF 3120 specification, the Alpha sheepskin has been treated to make it durable and resistant to dirt, water and stains. This processing gives the B-7 its attractive light brown color ing compared to the off white color of the untreated original B-7.

$690.00 Size
Alpha Industries leads the way with military leather jackets that are wearable in all situations.
PilotPeteSupplies, after an extensive search, has added these beautifully made leather jackets to our
inventory.  Alpha offers not only the official military nomex flight jacket which is issued to all U.S. Air
Force Pilots, but also creates a variation of these flight jackets which are stylish and sophisticated for all
social situations. So whether you're going flying for the day or steppin out to a 4 star restaurant,  you'll
look great in Alpha's Leather Jackets.
Alpha is also the leader in kid's flight jackets. PilotPeteSupplies has the largest selection of kid's leather
flight jackets -  with awesome patches. These leather jackets are replicas of the actual military flight
jackets. We also carry the kid's NASA flight jackets. Your kids will go nuts over these jackets! Mine did.
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