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products are tested by fellow pilots before being approved to be added to PilotPeteSupplies.com.  

PilotPeteSupplies would like to welcome
Briggs & Riley Travelware. It is certainly a great privilege to offer their travelware products.
Their U422LX,  from their Baseline series,  is their signature carry-on. It was thoroughly tested by our pilot staff - experienced line
pilots on the road.  
The Briggs & Riley U421LXcarry on rolling bag exceeded our expectations. With its lifetime warranty you never
need to buy another bag.  It's sleek frame design is also durable and extremely light. In fact it is the lightest carry on in its class.  The
U442NX expands easily with 2 buttons on each side of the bag adding another 30% to capacity.   It also comes with a strap or a hook
for your flight kit. Very easy to use. Give it a try and you will fall in love!              
Pilot Tested, Pilot Approved
Briggs & Riley Lifetime
If your Briggs & Riley bag is
ever broken or damaged, even
if it was caused by an airline,
we will repair it free of charge.
Simple as that!
All About Briggs & Riley Travelware

Briggs & Riley was founded in 1993 with a simple mission: To build a lifelong relationship with the consumer by creating for them any
and all of their Travelware needs. In this regard, we commit ourselves to the following...

A breadth of high-quality luggage products with an ever-expanding assortment of innovative designs that will allow travelers to always
be able to find just the right item to match their collection.
A continuity of styling and color to build upon a collection of personal traveling companions that is both a financial investment and that
which becomes an emotional part of your life experience.
Establish a legitimate retail price out of respect for the consumers' ability to recognize value.
To distribute through our specialty retailer partners, expertly trained in the details of the product, thereby intelligently guiding the
consumer in making proper decisions about their travelware needs.
A warranty that demands superior engineering and eliminates the frustration of dealing with damaged luggage, even if it was caused by
the airlines. Life-long relationships are not based on taking only the absolute minimum responsibility. Simple as that.
Briggs & Riley product lines are currently sold exclusively through independent specialty luggage stores and through our online
We have distribution in over 600 locations throughout North America. To find a Specialty Luggage Store near you, visit our USA
Store Locator or International Store Locator for Canada.

Manufacturing high-quality luggage products is about choosing the best components and incorporating superior design. And since the
marketplace does not stand still, quality is about continual improvement.

Our fabrics, frames, zippers and warranty will stand up to the rigors of travel, exceeding the competition. Quality products are only the

At Briggs & Riley, our products are synonymous with quality and value. For too long the highest quality products were accessible only to
those who could afford premium prices. Thus, Briggs & Riley is driven by one overriding objective: providing high quality merchandise at
reasonable prices. Experienced consumers know that there is a balance between price quality and value — we trust your judgment.

In brief, we are committed to making high-quality luggage, have it in a large assortment of innovative styles to fit the individual needs of
our customers, have it at a legitimate price, and of course,
take care of our customer with a warranty like no other company on earth.
Consumer Feedback

Add your comments to the list!

I have had my XXX computer bag for about 13 years. It was either the first model they offered or at least one of the earliest. I bought it after my previous one was
stolen in the Hong Kong Train Station (another story). The bag came with a lifetime warranty (I understand it is now 5 years). Unfortunately, after many years of
hard use (over 50 trips to China...and not just Beijing and Shanghai -- many other trips), I had to send it back due to several bad zippers and a couple of other

Much to my chagrin, XXX came back to me and said they wanted $109 to fix it and no guarantees. The suggestion was that it isn't worth it and I should buy a new
one. I have sent other pieces of luggage back to TUMI and have never encountered this.

On another note, I had an equally old Briggs and Riley piece of luggage that had almost as many trips that required repair. I took it to the local repair place and
was told the repairs needed were too extensive for them to do it and it would have to go back to the factory. I said OK and paid a nominal fee for the shipping.

I just got it back and it is in great condition. The bill? $0. I must say I have been very impressed with [Briggs & Riley]. In my view standing behind the warranty in
addition to a lower price swings the deal for me. In the future I will stick to Briggs & Riley.
—Doug, Alpharetta, GA

I have been a happy Briggs & Riley customer for about a decade. I purchased one of your leather computer bags then, and it's been with me literally around the
world and back again many times. I haven't been able to "kill" it yet, but when I went in for my third strap today I fell in love with your new leather organized
computer bag.

Your older model had a frame that just couldn't be beat and I always felt that my equipment would be safe in it. But I noticed that this new model has a lot more
structural rigidity in the central frame region, than some of your more recent models, so I investigated it further. I fell in love with it and, after ten years of never
being convinced that I'd find a compact bag that could be as good as my original, I was finally convinced. I love the pockets, the style - nice to have the "D" rings
on the side of the bag, much less likely to snag - and all of the dozens of little details that have been so well thought through.

I was a little unsure about some of your products there for a while, but this is an admirable bag that I will use to endorse your products wherever I go. It's the best!
—Many thanks, John

We have many Briggs and Riley luggage pieces in our family, but have never needed a warranty repair. I have always liked your quality products and now am very
impressed with your very fast service.

My case must have been received, fixed, and sent out the same day. Thank you for your attention to detail. Excellent fix, and faster than can be expected. Word of
mouth with customers will pay off.
—Thanks again, Henry

In October 2006, we took a cruise to the Caribbean departing from New York city. We flew into Laguardia and took a taxi to our hotel in Brooklyn. The taxi driver
loaded our new Briggs and Riley luggage into the taxi minivan. We were on the expressway when the rear door flew open and one of our suitcases went flying out --
onto a four lane highway with heavy traffic. The cars were all honking and swerving around the suitcase. The taxi driver ran to get the suitcase. I am happy to
report that the suitcase was not damaged in any way -- it looks as good as new.

Thank you for making such a great suitcase. We have been telling everyone about our experience and our great luggage!
— J. Lalande, Canada

I travel too much and that seems to qualify me as a luggage expert in the eyes of most of my friends and family.

I'm asked for a luggage recommendation my answer is swift and crisp, 'Briggs and Riley.' Well that's the plan, but inevitably I'll go on and on about the quality and
durability of my B&R gear and of course the amazing warranty. By the time I'm done, my audience is expecting me to whip out a catalogue and start taking orders.

I don't consider myself an odd person and yet I must admit that even I find this odd behavior.

It was therefore a great relief last week when a complete stranger in Dallas airport decided that he would approach me to announce his great affection for his B&R
gear. In his mind we clearly had a bond, a brotherhood based on travel ware!

I must confess to a touch of luggage envy at his newer models but most importantly, I now know I'm not alone in my eccentricity.

Seriously. Congratulations. For very frequent travelers like me, dependable luggage is non negotiable. I've been through a lot of brands over the years but I'm
sticking with Briggs & Riley. Keep up the great work.
— Paul, VA

I just bought your 19 inch carry-on and 24 inch expandable upright cases on the recommendation of a friend, Stephen Mueller, who has had his for ten years. At
first I was a bit surprised by the price but he confirmed what great value for money they are. I bought them from Selfridges here in London who had just started
supplying them.

I just wanted to say I have never seen such good, sturdy AND stylish luggage and I cant wait to travel more with them now!
— Justin, London, UK

After an exhaustive search, I was able to purchase one of your bags. I can't give you the model number, but it holds a 17" laptop. What a great bag!! I can't think of
ANYTHING I would change about it!! I am a land surveyor and tend to be ROUGH on my soft equipment, but I am confident that this bag will hold up. The pocket
arrangement is perfect. The little travel pocket with the orange lining is truly inspired, I keep my checkbook in there and can see at a glance if it is open! I love that
type of design detail!! I look forward to many years of travel and day to day use with this bag. Thanks for making a really kick-butt product!!!! PS the # on the tag is
BRIG BB102 2STZ 17"CBB if that makes any sense.

Thanks again. I will look for more of your products in the future.
— James, Charlotte, NC

I love your transcend line because it is so light yet still really durable. I think it is perfect for women business travelers because it is so easy to move around and
hoist up into the airline bins. Most luggage seems to be designed for men and is too heavy. That is why although alot of my male peers travel with Tumi, I won't
use it because their regular line is too heavy and their light 21 inch just doesn't hold as much as the transcend because of the external handle. I just wish that that
the transcend line came in more "business" type colors. Would you consider adding a charcoal grey?

Also the transcend backpack is the best designed travel backpack around. Three of the women in my office have it and we all love it for trips to Europe. While the
colors make it too casual to carry to a business meeting it is excellent for carrying everything you want to bring on a long plane flight (the headphone opening is a
great touch) and then you can always remove the laptop case and put it in a large purse to attend a meeting. We also all like it because it isn't as bulky as most
computer backbacks so it fits a woman's frame better and prevents the shoulder aches that come from carrying a tote. Anyway my only comment is that it would be
nice if there were more colors to choose from.
— Gwen S.
Briggs & Riley Premium Travelware
Free Shipping!    Free Lifetime Guarantee!      Free J-Hook!    Pilot Tested, Pilot Approved!
The Briggs & Riley U421LX is their 'signature carry on. Perfect for a 2-4 day
trip.  Unique one-touch expansion system (no zipper!) increases capacity by
Removable garment sleeve holds a suit or other hanging clothes.

Size--app. 21" x 14" x 8.5"(11.5" expanded)
Capacity--2618 cu. in. unexpanded
Weight--11.4 lbs.
(lightest carry on in its class)
Fabric: 2520D ballistic nylon is abrasion resistant, water repellent, color fast
and self healing.

nternal Features of the Briggs & Riley U421LX:
Inside bottom of suitcase is flat due to Outsider® handle system
One-touch expansion system increases capacity by 30%
Built-in removable garment sleeve with foam centered garment panels and
foam roll bar holds 1-2 suits
Elastic pockets ideal for undergarments, socks or shoes
Garment securing panels minimize wrinkling
Snap-in removable waterproof pocket for toiletries

External Features of the Briggs & Riley U421LX:
Outsider® handle for more room, flat packing and less wrinkling
Outsider® pocket stores quick access items
Speed Thru™ pocket facilitates airport security checks. Orange lining alerts
when pocket is open
SmartLink™ system securely attaches second bag(External Strap)
Proprietary hybrid frame for light weight, flexibility and shape retention
Retractable leather top handle for quick handling
Includes TSA approved combination lock
Simple as That" warranty even covers airline damage
Briggs & Riley Olive U422LX
Briggs&Riley U422LX

1. Double Zipper Pulls

2. Retractable Leather Handle

3. SmartLink System -
attaches a
tote or duffel to the handle.

Ultra-Durable Ergonomic

5. 2520D Ballistic Nylon Outer
Fabric -
self repairing fabric resists
wear, water, dirt & abrasions.

6. SpeedThru pocket

7. ABS Corner Guards
Pilot Tested, Pilot Approved