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The Purdy Neat Pilot Rolling Bags are among the best in the business. Their "Stealth" Pilot Bag is another  metal frame
rolling bag produced.
The 103NG is the most popular pilot bag sold to date. Purdy Neat Pilot bags are built to be tough
and functional. They come with a
3 year warranty on defects and they can be sent to Purdy Neat to be refurbished. I own
two of these pilot rolling bags and love them.  We carry
all models of Purdy Neat Pilot Rolling Bags with beautiful
engraved handles
.  Current models include the 103NG, 102NG - (737), 104NG, 105NG, 106NG, 107NG and the 121A
and 122A- the  lighter plastic frame pilot rolling bags.
Van Heusen provides us with the highest quality Pilot Shirt and customer support in the industry. That’s why Pilot Pete
Supplies carries them –
and at the best price!  There are three styles of  pilot shirts available:  
1. The Van Heusen “
Pilot Uniform Shirt” is designed similar to the Air Force Dress Uniform with the sharp cuff pockets. It
is the only Van Heusen pilot uniform shirt with eyelets. (Holes for wings or nametags)  
2. The VanHeusen “
Aviator” pilot shirt is the original worn by more commercial and corporate pilots than any other.
3. The Van Heusen “
Commander” pilot uniform shirt is a luxury shirt with a 60/40 blend which creates a lighter and
cooler feel. The Commander also has the very popular top entry pockets allowing quick access. .
Ladies Van Heusen Pilot Shirts also available at PilotPeteSupplies.
We also carry only the
highest quality zipper ties and clip on ties in black and navy blue.
Alpha Industries leads the way with military leather jackets that are wearable in all situations. PilotPeteSupplies, after an
extensive search, has added these beautifully made
leather jackets to our inventory.  Alpha offers not only the official
military nomex flight jacket which is issued to all U.S. Air Force Pilots, but also creates a variation of these flight jackets
which are stylish and sophisticated for all social situations. So whether you're going flying for the day or steppin out to a 4
star restaurant,  you'll look great in Alpha's
Leather BomberJackets.
vintage bomber jackets are softer leather which makes them more comfortable than others.  Pilot Pete Supplies
offers all
leather bomber jackets and flight jackets that Alpha Industries make. No other pilot supplies shop can say that!
Ckeck out the  
Alpha Industries Weston Jacket.   We also carry only the best kids bomber jackets made from 100%
Alpha Industries bomber jackets and flight jackets from Pilot Pete Supplies.
Most of the pilot supplies we sell, from the pilot headsets to the flight crew apparel to the pilot flight bags and pilot luggage and pilot
shirts have been tested and sampled by me.  If the product does not meet our high standards  of  - functionality,  durability, & be
comfortable/fashionable it will not be sold by Pilot Pete Supplies. We're  your best choice for quality discount pilot supplies, from premium
aviation suppliers such as  Serengeti,
Randolph Engineering, Purdy Neat,  Neil Cooper,  Telex, Plantronics & Sennheiser, Van Heusen,  and more. Plus cool pilot gifts for the
entire family!  We're still growing so check back often for new flight crew gear!  
Pilot Pete Supplies carries only the best pilot supplies produced!  Chase Durer pilot watches are by far the best aviation watches
engineered! Period, end of story. All Chase-Durer pilot watches are precision timepieces known for their ruggedness, dependability, and
functionality not to mention they look awesome!!  These Swiss made pilot watches
come with the
Chase Durer 2 year international warranty backed by Chase Durer meticulous engineering. Specifically directed to the needs of
professional pilots, special forces units, and now professional drivers worldwide.
LuggageWorks -  A.K.A. - Purdy Neat Pilot Rolling Bags
Briggs & Riley Travelware - Best Warranty in the Industry
Veteran business travelers know the name Briggs & Riley. They have been the leader in business travelware since
1993. Their lightweight and ultra light weight rolling bags are the lightest and toughest in their class, with a
to prove it! The Briggs & Riley U122CX fiberglass hybrid frame expands with the touch of a button to add 25%
more room!   These
Briggs & Riley Pilot Rolling Bags are great looking, functional & tough.  We carry a variety of Briggs &
Riley rolling bags, U122CX ,U122CX,  wheeled garment bags, wheeled cabin totes. Check out the Briggs & Riley
wheeled computer bags.  The
Briggs & Riley U122CX  expands and compresses back to carry on size.
Korchmar Fine Leather Pilot Flight Cases - The Pilot's Absolute Favorite
Korchmar pilot flight bags are the most popular pilot  flight case in the industry. They're the most  functional, versatile pilot
flight cases made! Korchmar provides a 5  year warranty and are made from the finest quality American leather. For over
82 years Korchmar has been hand crafting these flight bags and have stood behind every pilot flight case built.   Pilot
Pete Supplies carries all models of
 Korchmar flight cases.  Check out the Korchmar 421L pilot flight case and the
Korchmar KC1084 wheeled pilot flight case. Wheeled pilot flight cases are great for those one day trips and recurrent.
There's no beating a
Korchmar pilot flight case!
Pilot Headsets - Authorized Dealer for Telex, Plantronics, Sennheiser, David Clark
Chase-Durer Pilot Watches
Vintage Pilot Bomber Jackets from Alpha Industries - Largest Selection
Coyote Works Pilot Flight Cases - Made in Texas, USA! - By Pilots
Coyote Works Pilot Flight Cases are made in Texas USA! Designed and hand made by two ExpressJet pilots who set
out to make the absolute best pilot flight case!  Mission complete!
Coyote Works pilot flight cases are the only cases with
stainless steel bottom skid plates. These bags are indestructible!  The only flight case that you can custom design.  
Check out the
classic leather or the saddle handle leather. These leather flight cases come with a lifetime warranty!  
Coyote Works is now Hunt Manufacturing.
Randolph USA Pilot Sunglasses - Official Pilot Sunglasses for U.S. Military
Randolph USA are vintage pilot sunglasses. They’re functional, rugged, durable, fashionable and comfortable.  
Unmatched  quality is why  Randolph  “ AVIATOR” sunglass is official issue to all U.S. Military Aviators and NASA
Astronauts. Over 4 million of these military pilot sunglasses have been issued since 1977!  Hollywood has also
endorsed Randolph by using their sunglasses in over 18 movies. The “CONCORD” sunglass made “TOP GUN” so
famous!  Randolph pilot sunglasses have been used in Apocalypse Now, Apollo 13, Men Of  Honor just to mention a few.
(NOTE: Randolph has never paid a placement fee for inclusion of its aviation sunglasses in any movie). Randolph’s drive
for superior quality makes its own solder flux, which is why their solder joints are so strong.  
Randolph pilot sunglasses
are guaranteed for life!

PilotPete.com - an official authorized Randolph Engineering Dealer - now carries RE world class shooting glasses!
Models include the famous Ranger XLW, Ranger Edge, Ranger Classic and the Ranger XL.  Check out these beauties!  
We can ship Randolph's internationally.
Van Heusen Pilot Shirts - The Pilot Shirt, The Aviator & The Commander
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NEW ARRIVAL - Strong Bags - Carry On Luggage Priced Right, Lightweight, Metal Frame
STRONG BAGS - Designed and produced by and for 737 pilots. This all metal frame flight crew bag is lightweight , lower
cost, durable with a lifetime warranty on the frame.
Strong Bags uses Cordura Ballistic Nylon for all their flight crew
luggage.  Cordura - U.S.A. made  - is a much tighter weave making it
tear resistant and waterproof.  Strong Bags offers 3
models which all fit in the 737 cockpit luggage rack. The Mini V19 - which expands to add 30% more volume, the 22"
Vortex, and the 25" Vortex Ocean Cruiser( also expands).   
Strong Bags - Flight Crew Bags Built to Last!
Once you buy from PilotPete.com you will always receive discounted pilot supplies! I say again "Once you buy
from PilotPete.com you will always receive discounted pilot supplies! " (below online prices)To show my
appreciation for your business, once you purchase from me your part of the family!  All your future purchases
will be discounted..
No forms to fill out, no coupons. We just know when you return. How easy is that!!  
Thanks again .PilotPete!!!
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