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Chase Durer Blackhawk Mach 3 Pilot Watches
The Purdy Neat Pilot Rolling Bags are the
best in the business. Their "Stealth" Pilot
Bag is the only metal frame rolling bag
produced in the industry. The 103NG is the
most popular pilot bag sold to date. Purdy
Neat Pilot bags are built to be tough and
functional. They come with a 3 year
warranty on defects and they can be sent
to Purdy Neat to be refurbished. I own two
of these pilot rolling bags and love them.
The Purdy Neat Ballistic Pilot Flight Bag is
built from tough ballistic fabric with many
external pockets for items like your pilot
headset and sunglasses.  We also offer
Beautiful Top Grain Leather pilot  flight
bags & pilot flight cases!
Korchmar leather pilot flight bags & pilot
flight cases now available :  421L Pilot
Flight Bag, 421B Pilot Flight Bag, KC1003 Pilot
Flight Bag, 537K18 Pilot Flight Bag, KC1061 pilot
flight bag, KC2030 pilot flight bag.  Korchmar 5
year Warranty!
Pilot Pete Supplies carries
Purdy Neat Flight Bags and
Luggage works flight bags.
We also carry
leather pilot flight bags.
106NG Stealth Computer/Pilot
  Purdy Neat Stuff Luggage  
works . We carry the 103NG,
102NG, 104NG, 105NG, 106NG
and 107NG
Purdy Neat Bags.     
The Leather Bomber Jackets by Neil
Cooper are made in the USA. (yes)!  Since
1917, The Cooper Family has had a long
tradition of making superbly functional
and distinctive vintage leather jackets
using only the finest quality leather.  We
carry both
Navy G-1 Official  Issue
Bomber and
Air Force A-2 Official Bomber
Jackets! Check out our large selection of
vintage pilot jackets!

VanHeusen makes the best pilot shirt bar
none. The
Van Heusen "PILOT" style pilot
shirt is designed after the U.S. Air Force
Dress Uniform  -Go Air Force- and has the
eyelets so you know where to put your
pilot wings.  The sharpest looking pilot
shirt on the market!  This is Pilot Pete's
favorite pilot shirt.  

The Malibu Tie Co gives us the original

Zipper Tie
for those quick takeoffs so you
don't miss sign in. These pilot ties are
durable & stylish. They can be dry
Pilot Zipper Ties in Blue...Call
VanHeusen Pilot Shirt  for men and ladies. Van Heusen aviator shirt from Pilot Pete Supplies
VanHeusen Pilot Shirt with black zipper tie from Pilot Pete Supplies
Purdy Neat Luggage is the
best travel luggage
That's why Pilot Pete
Supplies carries it. Used by
more airline pilots. Purdy
Neat Stuff Durable Luggage
is perfect for everyone, not
just pilots! 22" 103NG & the
26" 104NG are most sold.  
Just another quality pilot
supply from Pilot Pete
VanHeusen Pilot Shirt with eyelets.
Designed after Air Force Dress
Van Heusen aviator pilot shirt also
Pilot Zipper Tie &
Clip- ons
essential pilot
Authentic Military Issue Pilot Sunglasses
We offer all frames of Serengeti Aviator
with your choice of lens.  
Serengeti Pilot Sunglasses are both
comfortable & stylish with
lenses that reduce available light up to 89%.
Check out our premium eyewear from
The  Randolph Engineering Sunglasses  -
vintage pilot sunglasses -  are the official issue
military sunglasses for United States Military
Pilots and NASA Astronauts. Pilot Pete Supplies
 offer a variety of lenses, frames, and sizes.
Their Grey-3 lens doesn't affect a targets
natural color. These are the vintage pilot
sunglasses that made the movie
Top Gun so
famous. ..Pilot Pete Supplies
vintage pilot sunglasses by Serengeti
Korchmar has been
supplying pilots with fine
leather pilot flight bags
since 1917. These pilot
cases have a 5 year
warranty and are made of
the finest quality American
leather and ballistic nylon.
For over 82 years Korchmar
has been hand crafting
these flight bags and have
stood behind every pilot
flight case built. Korchmar
combines old world
craftsmanship with the
finest materials available to
produce a pilot flight case
proud to guarantee.
vintage pilot sunglasses by Randolph Engineering. Official Military Pilot Sunglass.
vintage pilot sunglasses by Serengeti. Serengeti aviator velocity Titanium with Expresso frame
Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses-
Serengeti Aviator "Velocity Titanium"
vintage pilot sunglasses
Randolph Pilot Sunglasses
Official Military Issue Aviator Sunglasses
Vintage Pilot Sunglasses
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Only Quality Pilot Supplies from Pilot Pete

Most of the aviation supplies we sell, from the
pilot headsets to the flight crew apparel to the
pilot flight bags and pilot luggage and pilot
shirts have been tested and sampled by me. If
the product does not meet our high standards  
of  -
functionality,  durability, & be
it will not be sold by
Pilot Pete Supplies. We're  your best choice for
quality discount pilot supplies, from premium
aviation suppliers such as  
Randolph Engineering,
Purdy Neat,  Neil
Telex, Plantronics & Sennheiser, Van
Heusen,  and more. Plus cool pilot gifts for the
entire family!  
We're still growing so check
back often for new flight crew gear!  
Telex airman 850 pilot headset active noise reduction no batteries required
plantronics ms260 pilot headset comfortable light affordable from Pilot Pete Supplies
sennheiser HMEC-25KAS pilot heaset with active noise reduction
Telex airman 850 pilot
headset is light weight,
comfortable and needs no
batteries.  A Noise reduction
pilot headset that acts like a
lightweight. Plantronics
MS250 ultra light pilot
headset for your quiet
Help me choose a pilot headset
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Beech 1900 Pilot Pete Supplies Graphic
Purdy Neat Pretty Neat Pilot luggage stealth bag from Pilot Pete Supplies
Pilot zipper tie for your pilot uniform pilot ties zipper ties zip ties
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Chase Durer Pilot watches from Pilot Pete Supplies
Chase-Durer Pilot Watches from Pilor Pete Supplies
Chase Durer pilot watches are by far the
best aviation watches engineered! Period,
end of story. All Chase-Durer pilot watches
are precision timepieces known for their
ruggedness, dependability, and functionality
not to mention they look awesome!!   
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Kids 100% Leather Jackets
Leather Flight Jackets & Parkas
Telex Airman 850
Active noise
Plantronics MS260
comfortable & light
Best for quiet
Active noise
Best for noisiest
Randolph pilot sunglasses
Purdy Neat pilot luggage
Purdy Neat pilot flight kits
Korchmar Leather Flight Kits
Flight Attendant  Duffles & Totes

Van Heusen Pilot Shirts - Men
Van Heusen Pilot Shirts - Ladies

Pilot Headsets
Adult Leather Bomber Jackets
Kids Bomber Jackest
Chase-Durer Pilot Watches
Pilot Zipper Tie
Clip-On Tie
Pilot Epaulets
Korchmar wheeled Flight
cases KC1061
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Randolph Sunglasses
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